Share AI conversations via a public link

We recently landed a new feature that lets you share AI conversations via a link with the public!

Users who have access to the AI Bot and are members of groups in the ai bot public sharing allowed groups (site setting) are allowed to share conversations with the public.

By default we restrict sharing to staff, but this can expanded to any group you want

Many safety precautions were taken:

  • You may only share conversations you have with ai bots, if any other user is involved you can no longer share
  • By default this is a staff feature
  • The pages we generate for sharing are not indexed by Google, by design.

This is a continuation of the original feature:

The new system comes with a bunch of advantages.

  • Cutting and pasting text means that you can end up with a lot of AI data islands in your user generated content.
  • Sharing via cut and paste does not scale, you can not paste on social media platforms
  • The new system is prettier, the new share page by @awesomerobot is :chefs_kiss:
  • We have pretty onebox and support opengraph tags for social media sharing

Let us know what you think!


Is this design using robots.txt?

But what purpose is this filling :thinking:

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No we use a custom header telling crawlers not to index, that is the proper way

Purpose, is to do our little bit not filling the search engines with llm generated content


A very cool feature!

I’m using a plugin Discourse Math and I create a custom prompt in which I ask the bot to enclose latex in ‘$’, but this is not displayed on the page when I shared the bot’s answer. Is there anything we can do about it?



We’ve made the public “Discourse AI conversation” page a lightweight one without the many hooks our full topic page have, so features like Math will be broken there.

A workaround for you is converting it to a public topic instead and sharing the topic link, which will contain all your standard Discourse features.


There are a few edge cases now:

  • Graphviz / Mermaid / MathJax
  • Some LTR stuff can be improved
  • Some styling can certainly be improved

Over time if this gains popularity I can totally see us adding more to this, especially if we unify it and have the additions also work for embedding discourse in a blog, or, more ambitiously emails.

I discussed this with @david who also raised these concerns, it is a tricky compromise, we optimised for speed / simplicity here on the first iteration.

@Falco’s workaround certainly stands, it also works, and you can have a category if you wish for public types of conversation where nobody is allowed to reply.


Something else to maybe add in the future would be to have the share button only become active when the bot is either finished or the user has pressed pause/stop

Ran into a scenario where there was a long response