Share sign-up and login between discourse and site?

Hi, I have a discourse forum and a site. The site is built in Django and has a sign-up/account functionality. Is there any way to combine/unify both databases in such a way that users can sign up in one place and the account data is shared between both systems?

Do a search on “SSO”. One site would take care of registration/login and the other would rely on it for that purpose. For example:


Can you show me an example where I can see how exactly it works from a user’s perspective?

I guess every website where you can login with Facebook, Google, etc.
That’s SSO.

Your other website would kind of do that with your Discourse if you use Discourse as SSO provider.

I think we are talking about different things here. What I want is some kind of merge between my Django accounts and my Discourse user accounts.

You ended your initial message by:

So, if I’m not mistaken, it is what we’re talking about. Merging the databases (really transferring the accounts from what will become the SSO client to the SSO provider) would be additional, I guess. It would just be a one time “merge” when you’re putting the SSO in place (you may have the difficulty of accounts already existing on both sides to handle). Once merged, how do you go forward from there ? With what was described above.

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