Should be enjoying Christmas! badge

Should be enjoying Christmas!

This code give every user who logs in between ‘Day of Year’ = 358 and 2 days into the new year a badge. Word it as you like!


SELECT distinct(user_id), CURRENT_DATE as granted_at  FROM user_visits WHERE
date_part('doy', visited_at) >= 358
date_part('doy', visited_at) <= 2

What I’d like it to do is award the badge every day they visit between the two dates. Help please!


I think if you add another field like the “visited_at” it woks.

Because you’re using just user_id and current_timestamp, and they are distinct just in user_id, because current_timestamp would be the same every row.
If you add visited_at they could be distinct, and them one badge for every day.

But maybe you already solve this :wink:

Edit1: Actually, I dont think this query need the distinct

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Building on from what @Rafael_Lima_Vasconce suggested, I created the following as an example “Easter 2019” badge.

I have absolutely no experience with SQL besides just modifying numerical values on some of the cool badge queries that have been posted here, but I don’t see any indication that this shouldn’t work (assuming you’re still trying to find a solution).

If you wanted people to receive the badge multiple times, I believe just enabling that tick option when setting up your badge should do so. Otherwise, it should only give them the badge the first time they visit during the specified time-span.