Should Discourse make an effort to become a viable comment platform?

With the approach I’m working on now, it would be technically possible to allow Discourse comments to be generated directly on MkDocs pages, but it would require using a server side framework (Remix, Rails, etc) to serve the MkDocs pages. That would make it possible to authenticate users (with DiscourseConnect) on the docs site and also allow an in-memory database to be used for caching previously returned comments.

(Edit: just to be clear, I’m talking about using Discourse as an identity provider for the website, not the website as the identity provider for Discourse. The latter approach works, but it’s too inflexible for most use cases.)

That would be a big change to ask your team to make though.

I’m sure from your perspective it would be more straightforward if this was accomplished entirely inside of Discourse, but it’s also possible to use Discourse as a content management system. In that case, the markdown documentation would be generated as regular Discourse topics. Discourse webhooks would be used to trigger the generation of a docs page on an external site. That’s actually the basis of the Discourse comments demo site I’m setting up.