Should I keep my theme on GitHub or not?

Sorry if this sounds a bit naive. We have done a fair bit of styling, simple stuff but a fair bit to our Discourse theme with custom CSS tweaks etc. Its a hosted plan, every time I make changes to the CSS in the UI it gives me a warning in regards to updates and overwriting.

Is it best practice to set up a GitHub repo and host all the theme files and theme components there to avoid this issue?


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Absolutely, it is best practice to keep any sizeable theme on a Git repo. It makes tracking changes easier, using theme creator CLI the workflows are delightful so its even easier to hack on.


thank-you sam, decision made.


I’ve missed that. The cli will, what, see that a change has been pushed to github and reload it? I’ve only seen it push local files to discourse. I just reread the announcement and don’t see anything there about github.

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You would check out GitHub locally :slight_smile: that way you do all your edits locally, eventually once done you would push it to GitHub.


Ah, so you’d do development on a staging site with the cli, push to github, and production pulls the update from github?

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You can dev on production just fine, you would create a temporary component / theme and just give it a diff name. Something like that.

But yeah staging+dev workflow can work a bit more cleanly.


I’m really interested in seeing people’s themes – have a live link?

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we are not quite live yet. ill post couple of screens


Oh, wow! I just used it for the first time in a while (after I couldn’t make it work for 2 days because I forgot that you have to use a use API key and thought that there was a different problem, but I digress I just edited the topic to tell people that) and WOW it’s crazy-great now.