Show an error page when click track fails

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The click track / topic link extraction code has had more than its fair share of bugs in the past, and it’s past due to come up with a mitigation so that the next of these bugs to come up doesn’t completely break people’s experience.

When it can’t identify the link in the post, show a page that lets people (1) still visit links even if something’s messing with the click tracking system and (2) also prevents the forum from being used as an open redirect.

An apologetic interstitial, with the forum branding (layout: no_ember) and in a style reminiscent of Chrome’s SSL error pages, should be fine.

At a code level, the problem is the conflation of the two conditions here. If redirect=false is specified, the link was opened in a new tab and this was fetched in the background. But if @redirect_url is blank, the code couldn’t verify the link and should really show an error message instead of absolutely nothing.


Maybe cook up a PR here?


Yeah this does happen quite a lot, it should be pretty explicit here

An attempt was made to track a link that does not exist in any post. Perhaps this post needs rebaking or a plugin needs to whitelist link.

I am not certain we want to even keep this error

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Some kind of interstitial is needed, otherwise someone can make a link like and it looks like a normal URL but actually uninstalls a game from Steam. (“Preventing open redirects”.)

I’ll try to get my laptop set back up this weekend


I’ll have a look at this later this week unless you beat me to it :wink:


Yeah my laptop failed to power on once or twice and so I’m a little wary of doing work other than “take a backup” on it.

It’s still the one I got four years ago!

No more white page of doom :boom: