Show categories in e-mail notifications

@codinghorror I’m not sure about @nukeador but my concern with the default headers currently in place is that a new List-Id is generated for each topic, which makes it impossible for users to create filters based on that List-Id:

List-Unsubscribe: <>
Auto-Submitted: auto-generated
List-Id: <>

Ideal usefulness:
List-Id: <>

Next useful:
List-Id: <>

Least useful:
List-Id: <>

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You are both right, I didn’t see that. And yes, list-id should be the category instead of the topic number to be useful for filtering.

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Ok, @techapj can you make that change to include category / subcategory there as indicated?

Also, IMHO, Precedence: list needs to be in there as well as a default. Without that, we get “out of office” bounce-backs that turn into uncategorized topics on our Discourse site. :slight_smile:

Where is that header documented? @techapj fine to add that header, but maybe not for things like email confirmation of accounts, etc. in section 3.1.8. It’s interesting, because I just took it out a short while ago when I saw those other headers were now standard. It wasn’t an hour passed that I got an Outlook-generated OOO message responding to a digest, with someone’s phone number posted to our Discourse site. :smile:

(So I put it back in, for now.)

Good to know, I wasn’t aware of that one. We’ll add it!

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It’s funny, now that List-Id is unique by category, we probably won’t even use categories in email subjects… :stuck_out_tongue:

But plenty of people love their [BRACKETS] so this is still a Good Thing. :thumbsup:

2 (biggest) lists left to move for us … fingers crossed.


Luckily you can edit email subject site setting to taste to customize your email subject, right? :wink: Thanks @techAPJ!


OK, I’ve tested everything I can on this. Subject lines, List-Id, Precedence, everything seems to be working as I’d expect.

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