Show custom HTML in header to member of a specific group

Hello Discourse Fam! I’m hoping that there’s an easy solution for this! I feel like the answer is that I need to use some Javascript.

We have 4 buttons in the “after header” section of our admin CSS/HTML settings.

We would like to have some buttons only visible to members of specific groups, with the rest of the buttons visible to all users.

e.g. Let’s say we want those main 4 buttons for everyone, but we want another button to only be visible to the members of a particular GROUP.

I don’t know JS so if it’s really simple and someone could help provide a snippet or something, that would be so helpful :pray:


I found this article which seems very similar, for the Zendesk platform, but I think that’s the type of functionality we’re looking for!

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<div id="after-header">Stuff</div>
<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">
    api.onPageChange(() => {
        let currentUser = api.getCurrentUser();
        var groups = currentUser.groups;
        const isInGroup1 = groups.some(g => === 'group1');
        const isInGroup2 = groups.some(g => === 'group2');
        const isInGroup3 = groups.some(g => === 'group3');
        if (isInGroup1) { 
        if (isInGroup2) { 
        if (isInGroup3) { 
.button-b {
    display: none;
#after-header.group1 .button-a {
    display: block
#after-header.group2 .button-b {
    display: block

It also seems to work if you replace
api.onPageChange(() => {
$( document ).ready(function() {
and then the script won’t load on every page, but I never know for sure where I need api.onPageChange(() => { .


If you install this component, all groups of the current user will be added as classes in the page body, making it easy for CSS only further changes.


haha, that was going to be the next thing I tried to figure out