Show last poster in assignment list?

When we look at a list of assigned topics, it shows title and some statistics, but not who’s participated in the thread, and - most importantly - not who the most recent poster is.

When we go through the assigned topic list in the interface, it would be much more efficient for us if we could see at a glance who the last poster on the topic was:

  • staff? Nothing to do; still waiting for the user to come back with the details we requested
  • user? Time to take another look and see what they came back with

I’m assuming this would be a theme component, but my searches aren’t finding anything. Does something already exist for this?


Just to be super clear, here’s the current interface I’m talking about, with an idea of what I’m looking for:


A workaround that you can use today is to use a filter on latest eg:

I agree it may make sense to add the user block to assigns dedicated page, at least optionally.


Thanks for the response @sam. To be clear, I don’t want to see the assigned person’s avatar. Assignment is already clear.
I want the avatar of the last person to post - so we can tell at a glance whether or not we’re still waiting on the user in each particular thread


In fact, the ‘last reply’ info shown on the first post in a topic would be ideal:

I’ve just merged in an update to the plugin that will show posters as they appear in the main topic lists:

The layout already supports it, so this was a very minor change, and I don’t see any harm in more info.


Awesome news @awesomerobot!

Do I have to do anything on my hosted site to get this, or should I just be patient?

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A little patience should do the trick, I think these changes should show up for you sometime next week.