Show latest PMs when searching in:private @usermention

I used to be able to type in something like the following, and it would show the most recent PMs between me and that person:

Maybe this was never an intentional feature, but this no longer works. I now need to type in a word for the search to work.


Should this work @sam?

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Hmm … this extends beyond …

@sam #support  

Does not work as well… I wonder if something regressed here, will bookmark…


@erlend_sh any idea when it’s started ?

Wild guess:

Nahh I think this also relates to magic @ handling @cpradio added a while back there was another topic about it.

I’m not sure why, all I did was permit the auto-complete to show. It still fills out the input box the same, just less user interaction. The above scenarios fail to return anything even if I type a space after auto-complete, which either means, it isn’t sending the query, or the server-side is failing to return anything/process the search (which wasn’t touched with auto-complete)

It could be though, but I don’t recall doing any trim or what-not, but that was months ago.


No worries, I will debug this … got it bookmarked.