Show more details from the user's browser

Sometimes when users report their problems, we have to provide more details in order to be able to guide them.

Our users have poor information in IT and usually, when we ask them these details, they do not understand what we mean. Things like Are your notifications active? Javascript is not blocked? Are cookies active? What browser are you using? What is your browser version? And other similar questions.

Or many times these problems are caused by low internet speed. Problem sending photos, slowing down the forum, …

That’s why we have to ask them to send us the information on this page in a complex process.

Is there a way for Diskor to display some of this information in the admin panel?
Things like user agent, screen size, or internet speed! This request is likely to be inconsistent with the GDPR :sweat_smile:

Did you encounter such a problem? What is your solution in these cases?

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Hello there. I think that this plugin will help you as it provides info about the users device etc.

However, this is not its intended purpose so not sure how it will work. If you look closely at the picture (my mobile I’ve fingerprinted) it does actually tell you the browser and so on.


That’s start but it needs a lot more in the way of cookies and javascript settings. To be honest even having that information won’t always help diagnose a problem. What you need is a way to have a way to replicate the problem by getting the set of steps they took to make the problem happen. That’s the hardest thing to collect.

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Thank you @ondrej, I will check this plugin soon. At first glance, it seems appropriate :star_struck:

Yes, you are right. Today, we solve some of the problems through the same ways. But unfortunately, in addition to all that I said, users’ patience is low and they are not interested in cooperating in long diagnosis. They expect us to push a button and their problem will be solved :sweat_smile:

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Users that don’t want to help you solve their problem are not worth helping. My 2c.

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When we are sure that the problem is with the user, but he is not willing to cooperate in the diagnosis, you are right. But many times we have found small bugs from these reports that it was not important for other users to send it.

Last year, profile pictures inside the topic were not opened for some mobile users. According to a survey of about 50 users. In front of thousands of people, including us, we had no problem. They only complained about this, but the only possible help from them was to send the browser details. We could not do anything, because these problems did not exist for us.

The problem was solved after several updates. But all we got were screenshots of avatar-free topics. There was no logging in any layer and I think the only way was to test the client.

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I agree that you need both

  • high quality technical profile of each user of hour platform including technical details like browser, platform and JavaScript and cookie settings. Also need to know if software they have is causing an issue like an ad blocker or VPN network or malware filter. That’s harder to obtain

  • system diagnostics from the user to see if their issue can be replicated.

Both are crucial for solving any performance or usability issue.

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