Sidekiq kicking it

(Ty Is I) #1

Over the past few days, we’ve encountered multiple issues with email not being sent from our Discourse install, which now seems to relate back to sidekiq not running. Restarting the container fixed the problems previously, but today I remembered to check /sidekiq, which stated that it was paused.


rails c

This fixed it. I’m assuming that sidekiq ended up being paused over the past few days.

Any suggestions?

Sidekiq is being paused, how can I discover why?
(Neil Lalonde) #2

Backup and restore will pause sidekiq, and an issue was recently fixed by @sam with backups hanging. Maybe this is a symptom of that. Try upgrading to the new version released today (1.7.0.beta7).

(Ty Is I) #3

In /admin/backups, it does seem to be hanging. The last notifications also seemed to correlate to the backup time. I’ll upgrade and let you know tomorrow if it happened again.

(Ty Is I) #6

Ran the upgrade from the webinterface, which hung. Then performed a rebuild from system. This resolved the hanging upgrade. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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