Signup button remains disabled when inserting generated password

I’m using this firefox extension to generate passwords. This works fine but I guess it doesn’t trigger whatever event discourse is looking for on the form field, so the register button stays disabled until I change something else in the form.

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I use 1password to generate and fill passwords, and it’s triggering the correct events in Firefox on Discourse sites. That addon will need to do the same. Maybe Lastpass works too.

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It’s a common problem with such extensions. chromelPass has the same issue.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this can be fixed in Discourse…

The standard workaround is to add and remove a space to the end of the password. This signifies intent to the browser that you want the page to be able to see the value.


That’s what I do - I have the very same problem using 1password.

Depends on how pretty the fix needs to be. Checking for the password field having a value in a a 250ms interval once all other fields have one wouldn’t be extremely pretty but not that bad either…