Silent link seems can't handle #anchor links

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We use this new feature, silent links for Disable notifications for watched words link but it seems the silent link can’t handle anchor, like TOC.

If I add a silent link. It won’t jump to the correct position.
For example:

without silent it works well

Is it possible to add a function to handle the anchor links?

I am not sure the good place is bug or feature but I think this feature primarily made to redirect to post and not to an anchor inside post, so I put it in feature instead.

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I believe the query should always come before the hash.
See the specification here. :thinking:

This works:


Thanks @Arkshine :slight_smile: That was my bad. :smile: I don’t know why I thought that was the good way to use it. Thanks a lot for the clarification. :heart:


Note there is a minor glitch in my implementation: ?hello=1&silent=true (multi params) are probably not going to work, but I can’t really think of legit cases where we need multi param support and this feature.

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