Similar topics—deflection metrics or effectiveness


For launch, we disabled the similar topics feature in the topic compose window as the results weren’t so hot given the paltry content on our forum. We’ve grown and our forum content and posts are deep enough to turn it back on. :partying_face:

Now that it’s on—are there any ways to know how effective this feature is at deflecting a new post? I’m not sure what this metric would be, but something like # of similar topics clicked through? I poked around site settings, reports, and Meta, but didn’t quite find what I’m looking for.

To me, this is one of the value props for Discourse that I’d like to be able to report out. “Check out how many times Discourse saved a duplicate post and/or got a member their answer without any additional typing!” :wink:

Thanks for any insight!


It is a good idea but I can’t think of any (easy) way to do it out of the box.

There are many hard ways, of course…


Thanks for the confirmation, @codinghorror! As we’re continuing to push Discourse into more areas of our ecosystem, we’ll keep an eye on where this stands on the to do list. May dig into the hard way
(:tm:) down the road.


I want to second this. Being able to see the click-through rate on the suggested similar topics would be very nice. Even better would be if we could see how many topics where abandoned after the user clicked through to a suggested similar topic.