Single image [grid] works in preview but not in cooked

Editing out the grid tag fixes it. It’s definitely the grid tag that is causing the issue.




:arrow_double_up: there is a single image grid visible in preview above

Double grid with same image


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Oh … repro … this is not ai-bot…

Let me re-categorize it, we will get it sorted

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Yes, this code doesn’t show any image (I did change it to an actual file I have in my server).

Strangely enough, the image does show in the post preview, but not after posting.

Also worth noting, this has been consistent so far on any device I’ve looked at.

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Oh I see, thanks for your help.

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Yes, this is a bug with the [grid] handling of one item, should be fixed via FIX: Rendering a single item in a grid by pmusaraj · Pull Request #24464 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


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