Single Sign On with social and standard login


We have an existing platform. We offer standard registration and login with email and password.

Now we want to integrate discourse with our platform. The login data for discourse should be the same as our platform. Moreover, we also want to implement social login for our platform as a new feature.

What do I need to implement in our platform to integrate discourse with the platform with the same credential either standard login or social login ?

Do I need to implement SSO ?
Does discourse support more than 1 provider ?

SSO is incompatible by definition with multiple forms of login. If you want many forms of login you will need to implement oAuth 2.0 for the parent site.

Thanks for the reply. By oAuth 2.0 do you mean the provider ? What should I do then for the social login ? Can discourse work with multiple oAuth providers ? Note that the parent site has many users which are currently using classic login.