Site goes blank if you override translation for js.groups.index.title

The german translation of the menu entry was missing for the new groups directory. I changed the text for “js.groups.index.title” from “Groups” to “Gruppen” in the admin panel. After that, my page was just a blank white page. I solved the problem by deleting the row in the translation_overrides table and restarting the app.

Changing enable_group_directory from true to false does not hide the menu item. If you click on the menu item after deactivating the group directory, an error message appears.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property 'title' on string 'Gruppen' Url: Line

TypeError: Cannot create property 'title' on string 'Gruppen'
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at Object.initialize (
    at Object.test.n.initialize (
    at e.each (
    at e.topsort (
    at e.topsort (
    at i._runInitializer (
    at i.runInstanceInitializers (
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Is this related to your work @tgxworld?

This is also a duplicate of


I reproduced this (by setting js.groups.index.title to “Gruppen” via the interface) and found:

$ rails c
$ I18n.t('js.groups.index', :locale => 'en')
=> {:title=>"Groups", :empty=>"There are no visible groups."}
$ I18n.t('js.groups.index.title', :locale => 'en')
=> "Groups"
$ I18n.t('js.groups.index', :locale => 'de')
=> "Gruppen"
I18n.t('js.groups.index.title', :locale => 'de')
=> "Gruppen"

Can you try upgrading to latest? I can’t reproduce this so it might have been an error in one of the commits I made while working on the groups page.


Ok, seems to be resolved after Upgrading to v1.7.0.beta11 +2
Thank you!