Site is Down after upgrade

My site gives me back a http 500 error after I attempted to upgrade from 17beta6 to 17beta7, and while docker still comes up, Im guessing that means it broke somehow and i need to restore from a backup. (So naturally i did the dumbest thing thing and didnt back up this time).

Before i do though, im going to ask the hopeless but also hopeful question: Is there a way to restore my discourse instance without having to restore from backup?

Can you ssh into your server and run the following commands?

cd /var/discourse
./launcher logs app

Let us know if you see anything weird in the logs :slight_smile:


What classifies as weird?

I get a lot of these toward the end:

and before that, i see this:

Also, thank you for the quick reply and willingness to help :sweat_smile:


Well, i rebuilt the app, and that solved the problem. Sorry for any time of yours i wasted with this :confused: