Slack is introducing threaded messaging later this year

I find this announcement interesting and wonder if its becoming more like Discourse?.. Your thoughts? Any opinions whether this is relevant at all to Discourse?


It’s interesting but I have to see how the feature looks for myself before I can really comment on whether it’s similar to Discourse. It doesn’t exactly sound like it from that description though.

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I have to agree with @eviltrout, this doesn’t sound like Discourse at all.

It’s just a convenience feature, nothing major. I doubt they’ll take it much further than “you can now more easily reply to an older message”. Whatever they come up with, I hope Mattermost will copy it, because I’m not very happy with their current style of threaded messaging.

Are you using Mattermost? Any feedback?

Nah, I merely tried it out for a quick evaluation a while back. It’s very similar to Slack, which is another way of saying it’s a very impressive app.

Main set back as far as I’m concerned is that their hosting service (don’t wanna deal with self-hosting) isn’t targeting small to medium businesses yet; they only deal in Enterprise plans.

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We have tried the Slack threading and it is terrible.

IMNSHO of course.

It never caught on, but I like Zulip’s threading model better.

Every message is in a channel and has a one-line topic or subject line. If you reply to a message, it keeps the topic of the parent. If you just send to the channel it keeps the last topic. You can manually change the topic of your message.

The net result is that the default view of a channel shows all messages from all topics in time order, but you can click on one topic to narrow the view to just that conversation. Seems useful, but I never used this on a busy server to see how it works in practice.