Slackbot with Discourse Admin stats

Hey there everyone! Looking for a bit of guidance with out development process.

What we want to build?

A Slackbot will feed of data like (new users created, topics created, solutions created, likes given etc.) from our admin dashboard in Discourse and posting it on aa daily / weekly basis via the Slackbot to one of the channels we have in Slack


Have anyone built something like that already? Any tips, guidance really appreciated!


I haven’t seem to find any API endpoints in Discourse API to be able to fetch that data

You can fetch all the report data (well, any data in Discourse) via the API. Check out

For the report data, you can just add .json to the URL. For example /admin/reports/topics.json?end_date=2020-01-26&start_date=2019-12-26 will get you all the data for the topics report.