Small alignment issue of category vs tags in mobile view

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Same issue here in mobile view the “tags” and the “category” are not aligned

I split this to a new topic because these alignment fixes are usually very involved and require a lot of effort and back-and-forth.


No problem. Thanks for that.

I don’t really understand what the problem is here.

Is it that the g letter at the end of the word “Training” is a bit longer than the rest? If so, that’s normal.

If it’s something else, can you please clarify what you’re referring to?

The training (category) is 2 or 3 pixels higher than the tags and they are not completely aligned.


I just made a fix here (and added a comment for future reference). I had caused the alignment issue by removing some space @Johani added at some point (I thought there was a little too much space between lines, but it’s there for a reason!).