Small issue: the mouse out area from a button is smaller than the mouse in area


  • Move your cursor on a button.
  • Move out a bit your cursor off the button, but no farther than the entire button.
  • The button’s hover state then disappears. If you move in again your cursor inside the button, the hover state won’t be displayed.


Note: the button still works, despite the hover state not being active. It’s just a visual thing that bugs me a bit.


This doesn’t seem to be an issue … I think it’s just the hover effect in css that disappears after a few seconds, it’s an animation. Just need to change the css

The effect doesn’t disappear if I keep the mouse cursor on the button.


If the cursor goes inside the green area, the button gets the d-hover class that highlights the entire button, as expected.

But as soon as the cursor leaves the red area (try putting the mouse cursor between “Reply” and the arrow next to it on the left :smile:), the entire button loses its d-hover class. It shouldn’t. The d-hover class should disappear only when the cursor leaves the green area (or if the button isn’t focused anymore).