Snippet completion in Discourse

Hey guys,

Instead of asking for this feature, let me quickly explain my workflow, and see if you guys can relate to it.

I primarily stick to my vim editor because of the powerful snippet plugin, like:

I use mutt for emailing, gohugo for blogging, and the rest of the time I’m coding – so most of my typing happens in vim, using snippets.

Every time I have to edit replies in Discourse; I miss the editor. I know most people probably don’t care, but in our company, we use discourse for everything. I mean, everything – all things emails, decisions, communication, discussions, what not. Everything happens via Discourse.

Now having a full-fledged vim editor baked into Discourse would be asking for too much (and would cause a flame war), I miss being able to use snippets.

What do you guys think? Ideas / Thoughts?


Why not pick an OS level snippet manager that is available to every app running in your OS including the browser?


Interesting. Didn’t know about them. Sounds like it should solve my problem.

Update: Ended up using