Notion like Editor

Hey all,

As we continue to get familiar with Discourse and work with it, I’ve come to the realization that the Editor is easily my favorite of all the forum softwares I’ve worked with over the years. However, I think
What I’m recommending is a Block-based editor where you can use “/” and quick shortcuts come up. An Example is notion and another is tipdap editor

Here is a screenshot from Marktext, one of my favorite open-source markdown editors for desktop:

Many Markdown editors are moving in the direction of block shortcuts, and I think Discourse could benefit from such a concept in terms of both form and function.


I guess that would be major work to get this working perfectly.

Vaguely related, a now broken WYSIWYG editor plugin was created and discussed a while ago:


Yeah, was just looking at that before posting this, just wanted to make it a proper request.

I noticed @sam said that there are essentially Plans™in the works as of October 2022.