🗓 Sort category by event date / agenda view (for Events component)

I don’t think this is possible, so probably more of a request. Is there any way to sort a category by the event date? The ‘agenda’ sorting from Angus’ old events plugin seems to be a key missing feature. See this category for an example of how it’s not working great the way it is:


As an addition to this I’d suggest having the /upcoming-events page having the event topics below it, with a category dropdown and the ability to sort via:

  1. Event date
  2. Latest reply

This could be linked to via an ‘Events’ button in the top navigation in categories which contain an event.

Additional nice UX thing

It would also be super nice to have the events in the calendar use the color of their category.


Or even more, to use the category icon when used with the theme component.