Specify custom purge interval for «scheduler_stats» tables

These 2 useless for me tables take 99.9% of my database’s disk space:


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Personally I don’t see this as a big problem. 39MB is pretty small as far as installed software goes. As your forum grows in data, you’ll see a much smaller percentage of usage.


So your complaint is that these are “only” purged every 3 months?

Looking at this scheduler_stats table and the data in it, seems ultra pointless to me, nobody can even tell me why it’s there … cc @sam

I am gonna change it to purge anything older than 1 month so that will cut its size by 2/3rds while certainly retaining enough data rows for… whatever the hell this is for in the first place…

This should help DB storage space a bit on our hosting as well as we have tons and tons of vacant hosted sites (for trials, etc).