Split user preferences menu into sections

Sure. Left-side links are actually anchors.


@nbianca The code looks fine but the behavior is confusing for me. I feel like the anchors have to be visible other wise it feels like I’m jumping to a random spot on the page. Perhaps it’ll be good to add some line breaks and a header for each section?

Another feedback that I have is that the left navigation bar needs to be sticky. Otherwise, if I click on a link that brings me to the bottom of the page I have to scroll back up in order to click on other links.


I think it is best to leave this alone until we get to the item that is already on our roadmap for this release… pr-welcome tag was never really correct for this I am afraid. We need to be more careful where we put that tag considering our roadmap @erlend_sh


To make an explicit criticism, the change as submitted is definitely not ambitious enough. What I’m pretty sure the team had in mind, and what is needed, is really an overhaul of the preferences page. Rethink every setting, what settings are related, where it belongs, and put them into pages that need navigation through each other.

Therefore, it was a mistake to leave pr-welcome on this, as that implied a simple fix would work.


Done per this: