User section in new notifications menu

I’ve been doing some user testing* and have noticed that several users struggle to find the user section in the notifications menu, and their profile page.

Some very minor suggested tweaks that I think would help with this (from what I’ve witnessed):

  1. The user section gets lost amongst all the other sections a bit, and could do with highlighting, it just needs to stand out a bit more I think.

  2. Once you open the section, one user said they’d expected to see the Preferences (“Settings” in their terminology) at the bottom of the list, that seems to me to be more common / intuitive. Log Out at the absolute bottom seems fine, but it would be good to find some method of differentiating a little, making it red or similar.

  3. Finally, I think it would be helpful to add Profile as a specific link in the User section to help people get there directly.

E.g. of #1 but not the one…

E.g. of #2

*For a larger website that has a Discourse forum ‘attached’.


As a btn-primary, it would look like this with default colors:

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does “pause notifications” need to be that prominent? i never use this so i’m asking as an honest question. i like the idea of the more prominent user tab. pretty sure most of my users never log out.


I like this feedback a lot. Will have a think on it further, thanks for opening the conversation about it! :raised_hands: