Spoiler tags improvement

Hi friends,

I love the spoiler tags features, but I was wondering if it could be simplified by putting words between two bars ||like this|| instead of [quote]some big fat HTML tags[/spoiler].

How about this ? :content:

No such change is planned at the current time.

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Oh, got it ~ It may be a nice feature tho, as a Discord user I spoil-tag messages this way (between bars |)

Any idea of how could I be implementing this myself by any chance? :UwU:

Unless it is a Commonmark standard, unlikely. Non standard markup isn’t a good idea.

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Ah, why exactly? (just curious)

I guess reddit was using the same mark system for spoilers, but I couldn’t tell if it’s a “Common mark standard” (I’m very new to this all)

Who will arbitrate between the competing schemes?

I don’t know for sure but perhaps your proposal is on the losing side, i.e.

  • Discord does || spoiler ||
  • Reddit and StackExchange do >! spoiler !<

Commonmark might … I suppose :hourglass_flowing_sand: … eventually arbitrate:


Thank you for this owo

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