Sprockets Upgrade

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Ehm…do you know what are the settings as the theme Discourse Darkness? :rocket::crescent_moon:

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But you know I do not I seen? xD

Thanks @zogstrip :sweat_smile:


DARKNESS!!! It’s back baby!

(Sam) #10

hello darkness, my old friend

Is there anything in particular we should look out for? I’m not especially familiar with what Sprockets is, although keeping an eye out for general weirdness is easy enough.

edit: Oh I guess asset rendering? Early morning reading comprehension is way down, apparently.

(Michael Downey) #11


Is this the place to say that I can’t tell what my unread notifications are due to (presumptively) too low contrast between the background colors? (If not feel free to move my reply, or delete it, or whatever.)


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I found another dark theme bug - /admin/flags/old is looking pretty bad right now.

(Dean Taylor) #14

A few more issues here with the dark theme I’ve had on my list for a while:

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An option for users to choose between light and dark default themes would be welcome. Late-night readers, or users with phones with crappy batteries would benefit.

(Jeff Atwood) #18

Er… what? A dark and light pixel use the same amount of energy. Fact or Fiction?: Black Is Better than White for Energy-Efficient Screens - Scientific American

(Dave Higgins) #19

That’s true for LCD screens, but for AMOLED screens which do switch pixels off for #000000, you’ll spare the battery.


It looks kinda weird…
One more day, guys, we can handle it! :joy::joy:.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #21

You can follow that feature request here:

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I guess darkness is over? It kinda sucked, but I could have tortured myself for one more day.

because that is how I roll

(cpradio) #24

lol, if user themes ever become a thing, feel free to continue to torture yourself :wink: As for me, I’m glad we’re out of the dark and into the light again :laughing:

In all seriousness, it seems the effort uncovered several good issues to make the darkness theme even better. :thumbsup:

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