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I have an existing rails app that is using session controller as it’s user authentication.

I added a discourse forum and everything went smoothly and it resides on a subdomain.

I have read the post at Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)
but still don’t know what to do with the session controller once the user logs in on the existing rails site.

Currently this is the process as I understand it:

Step1: User hits Discourse forum on subdomain. User needs to login so clicks login button.

Step2: User is sent to the login page on the existing rails site.

Step3: User logs in on rails site.

Step4: User should be redirected to discourse forum subdomain logged in. My question is - What do I need to to do to make it so that when a user logs in for these steps?

I can show you my code or invite you to our repo if you want.

・When do you need it done?

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