SSO and responses by email

Hi all,

Thanks for your help with my previous Wordpress/Discourse question. I had set up memberships with PaidMemberships Pro and was modifying the SSO payload to change group membership on Discourse based on PMP membership status. All is fine on that end.

A quick follow-up: most of my users are interacting with Discourse through email alone, without logging in, either to Discourse or Wordpress. If their membership to the Wordpress site expires, does that mean they will retain the ability to receive/reply to emails until they log in to Discourse proper and trigger an SSO payload?

Thanks for your patience!


They will keep receiving emails until their email preferences are updated, or their accounts on Discourse are deactivated, suspended, or deleted. This can either be done manually, or through making an API call to Discourse when a membership expires.


Thanks, Simon.

One more point of clarification: if I try to sync membership status through /admin/users/sync_sso, should these calls be logged if verbose SSO logging is enabled? I’ve tried doing this and I don’t see any record so far.

Calls to the sync_sso route are only logged if a new user is created through the call. In that case, you will see a log item beginning with Verbose SSO log: New User.

If the user already exists on the system there won’t be a log item.