SSO discourse have error at same session

Hi, I use sso to login to wordpress by discourse. I used discourse wordpress plugin
First it’s work smoothly

But when I’m in the same session (not log out), and try to go to link admin /wp-admin/, it does not redirect me to dashboard, and show this error in login form:

Expired Nonce

There is something wrong with session or cookies
This make user confused, because I use sso by google login

I think the problem you are having is caused by object caching on your server. Try adding something like the following code to your WordPress theme’s functions.php file to see if that solves the problem:

add_filter('wpdc_sso_client_query', 'wpdc_custom_sso_client_query' );
function wpdc_custom_sso_client_query() {
    return wp_generate_password( 12, false );

There are some details about this here: Wordpress SSO Expired nonce.

It still failed with this code
Discourse is not ok with cloudflare, but I use cloudflare for my web to defend. Is it ok?

It 's ok if I delete cookies and login again, but it is confused

It stop by this link:


I think it’s not cloudflare, because this rule I set to test to bypass:

The intesting test I found is not every link of your plugin failed

This link is work normally:


It means your parameter “7” in sso is ok

I try to redirect my link to this parameter to redirect user
You could check to resolve this by parameters of links

This link is on text “External Login Text” is worked ok