Staff action log types and subject: what do they mean?

Maybe my googling is just terrible, but i can’t find any documentation explaining exactly what the Staff Actions log actions and subjects mean. Could somebody please point me to that or post it here?

Its all so very vague and 99% of the time we don’t need to look at it, but when we do need to look at it usually there is some level of urgency to the clarity we are seeking. Some of them seem kind of obvious, but i can see how it may be easy to draw the wrong conclusions in the absence of clear definitions.


Speaking of clarity, I have no idea what you’re talking about here… :wink:

Can you provide specific, concrete examples of the clarity you are seeking and why?

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I believe you are referring to Twitch’s Privacy policy. I have a link here that breaks it down and should give some clarity my friend. I was just reading it myself. lol

Hello, are you referring to what do /admin/logs/staff_action_logs do then we can explain that. Other than that I’m very confused over the same thing Jeff quoted.

@CAPTIVENEWPORT I have no idea what Twitch has to do with this…


Nothing in particular as regards to Twitch. Staff actions and logs refer to in business a mutual exchange of sensitive information to show trust, which is the staff action part. The logs are administrative decision that are made by administrators as additional non-shared information for the good of business and the well-being of others. I posted that document because it explained it pretty good.

I’m referring to the Staff Action logs in Discourse. The thing located at /admin/logs/staff_action_logs that contains Actions and Subjects and IPs and Whens and Users.

I want to know what the Actions and Subjects mean. I was hoping there would be a list of them with definitions somewhere. I can’t find it. Some of them seem intuitive, some of them don’t.

Which “some” of them are you referring to? Can you provide specific examples?

entity export for example. I assume that means an export was made. if the subject is staff_action then i can assume an export of the staff action log was made. Correct?

So what is a user_archive? Did somebody export everything the user did? or just their profile? how is that triggered?

“entity export” is a genuinely bad name, so we’d need to get that changed in the source code. I’m not sure about that one.

User archive is the user exporting all their “stuff” (primarily their posts, since in a discussion system what else is there to do, really, other than write posts?) from their user page. You can trigger an export from your own user page if you’d like to see how this works – it’s fairly straightforward. Visit your user preferences and have a look, give it a go.