Staff member didn't get notification when task assigned

Earlier today a staff member was assigned a task & didn’t get a notification because he’s not subscribed to those notifications. I would like to see how common that is but I can’t figure out where / how that user preference is stored.

And if there’s some document / documentation explaining the general layout, I’d be happy to get “RTFM” with a link. :joy:

Edit: To be clear (after category & title edits) I’m planning to use Data Explorer to do this investigation, partly to scratch the itch and partly to better learn my way around the tool.

The data explorer plugin offers both a way to do queries like that and an interface that lets you see all of the tables. If you’re on the Business plan you have it; if you’re self-hosted you can add it.

I was planning to use the Data Explorer. But I can’t find where the preference to be notified of assignments is stored. Any hints?

I don’t think there is a way to “unsubscribe” from assignment notifications. At most, a user can change the Frequency for receiving assigned topics reminders setting, but not the notification when they are first assigned.

I suggest you test it, assigning the user to another topic and checking if they receive the notification. You could even impersonate their account to see it yourself. And all notifications should be in the Notification tab, in their user page.

You could also compare the assignments table and the notifications table, with the Data Explorer. There should be an entry in the notifications table with data like this:

{"message":"discourse_assign.assign_notification","display_username":"constanza","topic_title":"Your topic title"}

The creation date for the notification should match the creation date in the assignment.

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Ehm… I guess this is the crux. He doesn’t use our Discourse instance directly much if at all, and relies on email. And since he never got an email… :woman_shrugging:

And since his “Frequency for receiving assigned topic reminders” is was defaulted to “Never” I assumed that was why. (Insert reminder of what happens when you “assume”.)

So… What I want to figure out is how many Staff will not receive an email when they’re assigned a topic. I’m expecting to figure this out via Data Explorer. I just need a pointer (or two) in the right direction.

If you want email notifications, then please check the Assign plugin settings. The email notifications are set to “Never” by default.


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