Notifications missing when assigning topic

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We are running Discourse 2.9.0.beta2 and have an admin who is not able to get notifications when they are assigned a topic (not referencing email notifications but in-discourse notification, e.g. notifications in /u/username/notifications).

Other admins who joined on earlier versions of discourse are able to get assigned notifications properly on the forum, but we can’t see what is wrong with the admin’s account who is not getting these notifications.

We’ve checked /preferences/notifications for any related settings and could not find any. The Settings → Plugins → Assign plugin settings page also doesn’t seem to mention anything about assign notifications, except email notifications.

Are we missing something simple, or is there a way to reset notifications for this admin to include notifications when they are assigned something? Thanks!

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I just tested this with Discourse 2.9.0.beta3, discourse-assign v1.0.0, and a newly created admin account, but was unable to reproduce this issue.

Specifically, after being assigned a topic, the admin account received a notification immediately that the topic had been assigned to them - as expected. For this situation, the admin account was brand new (no changes to any notification or account settings), and the Assign plugin was setup with the default settings.

I also looked through the Assign plugin and account notification settings to see if there was anything in there that might be related, but the only two settings I found were for email notifications in the Assign plugin settings ( “remind assigns frequency” and the default setting for this is “Never”), and the “Frequency for receiving assigned topics reminders” in the Preferences → Notifications settings which I tested with different values (Originally set to “Never”) but the admin still received notifications about the assigned topic immediately regardless of this setting.

Like originally stated, perhaps there’s something in that particular admin’s settings somewhere that’s preventing them from getting notifications, or a way to reset notification settings? I’d be curious to know what’s causing this as well.

Hopefully this bit of additional information helps troubleshoot this further.


This issue was resolved after updating to Discourse version 2.9.0.beta4. Not sure why, but glad it is now working for our staff member.

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