Staging instance on same Production instance Docker Server?

Any recommendations or steps to follow in setting up a staging Discord instance on the host that’s also hosting a production instance of Discourse?

I am thinking about standard things you’d do with a Rails app, but due to the specific installation config and steps provided, I’d like to get a rough idea.

Ultimately, after config and setup, my thought is to sync the production database to staging.

You can do that if you have something like traefik reverse proxying to multiple containers. It’s lots simpler to have two droplets, one of which you could delete when you’re not using it. That way, you’ve still got a Standard Install that’s easy to debug as well as get help here.

EDIT: And if you want a configuration that includes Traefik as the front end with multiple Discourse, WordPress and Ghost containers as well as prometheus and Graphana containers to make pretty graphs I can do that for you.

My preferred way to do that is by keeping backups in an S3 bucket (or GCP or Digital Ocean equivalent). You could have two containers share a backup mount if they’re on the same server, but the S3 solution is really nice and makes it easy to move to a new server should disaster strike.