Stuck in infinite loop in Mac terminal after source ~/.bashrc

Howdy, dipping back into Discourse development after a long divergence into learning Ember.js. As I’ve hacked away over the past few days trying to remember how I did all this back in August/September I’ve opened terminal to find a script running on what looked like an infinite loop.

Finally decided to go back to the Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on macOS for Development yesterday. Kept running into a brick wall so restored a back-up of my droplet and decided to start again in the morning.

Just opened terminal and had to ctrl+c again to stop the loop. Tried to ssh root and it threw another Permission denied so I decided to get Discourse going local again. I proceeded with…

  1. git clone ~/discourse
  2. cd ~/discourse
  3. source ~/.bashrc

Step 3 kicked off the infinite loop I’ve seen the past few days. This is what it looks like.

Does anyone have a solution? I’d love to avoid deleting everything and starting over.

You’ll need to look in .bashrc and see what it’s doing.

Have all hidden files visible and it doesn’t seem to exist… which is puzzling.

If you can’t find .bashrc . . . wait. You don’t need to source .bashrc since it gets run when you log in.

I recommend that you punt on that and use Beginners Guide to Install Discourse for Development using Docker.

Perfect. Thank you, sir!