Styling categories, and pinning items to the top?

Iโ€™m new to Discourse! Implementing a community for my company. I love what Woot has done:

Does anyone know how to:

  1. Style those left Category modules?
  2. Pin items to the top? e.g. Bag o Crap Primer

I am wondering if I can do this on my own, or if this is special dev/code work?

Thanks for any insights!


Hi @treyfrancisco :wave: welcome to Meta :slight_smile:
That looks like a custom theme with some banner type components. I would have a look in the theme and theme-component categories. There are various theme components that pin banners and change some layout features.

If you are interested in learning how to use themes and program for Discourse, these resources here would be a good place to start:

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Thank you! Sounds like we may need some dev help for a custom themeโ€ฆ

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