Such a tiny window to edit here on a cell phone

Here are mine: (browser, not app)

I don’t like hiding the number row though as it also takes out my long press symbols on the top row that I’m used to using.



That shows in the screenshot of @JammyDodger too. I still don’t think it’s because of desktop view. I tried again and once the header did not show, but since then the header always shows.


Yes, I forgot to have the keyboard up on some of my screenshots. Just imagine half the screen being covered by it. Also I might have pressed “Long screenshot” on some of them, and then chopped the too long part. Anyway I was too impressed with the roomy input boxes on other sites so slipped.

As far as my font size / (Android, not Chrome) screen zoom slider settings: please test with them slightly to the right (larger) than normal. Expect that older users with older eyes might be using cellphones.

Did I select “Use Desktop view” in the Chrome menu? No, I don’t think the PWA has a chrome menu.

Anyway my point is: it is true: on some phones there will only be a three line high New Topic entry field. Yes, one can fill in as many lines as one wants in it, but it still only has a three line visible area.

I have. And it reduces the editing area at each increase.

I respect that some users (especially older users) need bigger text.

But surely we must also respect that the bigger the text is, the less room there is for other things, including the composers text area?

So it’s always going to be a trade off and it’s hard for Discourse to avoid that trade-off?

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Well it’s mainly how important each item is to keep on the screen while a person is composing the message. For instance is it important to have the group name always on the screen? The message title? The tag box? Usually the user just sets these once and then goes on to make the message. I recommend allowing them to fold up or roll up, and if the user needs to adjust them he can roll them back down.

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Hello, I ma thinking is that possible to do not sure area enclosed in a red frame in default for mobile sure?
Which file/part shoule I change?
Thanks you.

Also I guess for 99% cases. people will going to create a new topic but not sth with voting.
So may be it’s better to merge this part to ‘input title’? like put it on the right side of ‘input title’?

I guess Mandarin might have unique challenges here because of the complex nature of the characters so your choices to reduce size of text at phone level are more limited?

To answer from the previous topic. Yt.w wanted to disable the toolbar by default on certain conditions because:

I figured out I could try to make some code for that. This is just an immediate band-aid solution.
Actually, in Discourse by default, anything below 370 window width or, if an Android, the toolbar is hidden.

const storedVal = keyValueStore.get("toolbar-enabled");
if (this._toolbarEnabled === undefined && storedVal === undefined) {
  // iPhone 6 is 375, anything narrower and toolbar should
  // be default disabled.
  // That said we should remember the state
  this._toolbarEnabled =
    window.innerWidth > 370 && !this.capabilities.isAndroid;

My code would be just an extension to generalize this behavior to any mobile view.

I agree with you; another approach would be to educate the user in some ways that the burger icon toggles the toolbar!

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That what exactly I mean:)
Could you educate me where should I add those code?
Thank you!

I am thinking that.
is that possble to change the UI like from the right one to left one?
It’s would be very helpfull is any one can tell me which file should i modify and even how.

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Japanese :slight_smile:

I do like this idea for mobile! Sadly I think it would be a rather major structural change.

I think we should do some things to improve this:

  1. IF not enough height disable toolbar
  2. Investigate reducing one line of height on new topic, it may help as well. (especially when height is limited)

On large devices this is hardly a problem, but on certain form factors this can be very bad now.

@Arkshine do you want to try a PR for 1?


Ah yes. Good catch. So let’s add Japanese to the list too.

Indeed, the default Japanese keyboard takes up three more lines of text than a qwerty board!

Alternative option is also to write by hand instead of with a keyboard displayed on screen, as well as voice to text. It is also possible to connect an external keyboard to a mobile phone/computer in case anyone didn’t know that. Some “phones” can also run a desktop o.s. with external display and mouse such as with samsung dex.

Above is samsung handwriting system doesn’t need second box as does the gboard here:

Hello :wave:

I’ve made a simple theme component for adding the fullscreen option to mobile too. I think this can be a good solution to make bigger space if needed.

The component maybe need more work on CSS area but overall it works well. :+1:


Sure! I will think about it, and give it a try.

Neat! Having this fullscreen button makes a lot of sense to me.


Sam has already explained that this is Japanese, I would like to add a little bit, Mandarin is generally shorter than English so no need to worry (x

It isn’t showing on iPhone :thinking:

Edit: after Don’s fast fix it works nicely

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Yeah, thanks I made a fix for this.