Suggest alternative categories based on word used in post

You used the string “widget” in your post, but are trying to post in the “foo” category. Do you maybe want to change the category to “widget” so it matches the content of your post?

Does something like this (or similar) exist?

On Github for Visual Studio Code has this neat bot that adds labels based on what you wrote. So if you write about the “minimap” feature, it tags the issue with “minimap” automatically.

Discourse already checks the post content against posts to check for similarity (to avoid duplicate topics), but does not explicitly suggest a category change.

How do you propose this would work? From a technical perspective, what should Discourse compare the content of the post against to suggest a different category?

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I was thinking of being able to define a list of “trigger words” for example that then are connected to a category that should be suggested:

  • “foo” => “foo solutions”
  • “foobar” => “foo solutions”
  • “widget foo” => “widgets”

(This is probably a task for a plugin, not core Discourse integration I think)

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Well, you can set up Admin, Logs, Watched Words to take action on certain words as needed.