Suggest tags and/or categories using AI

It’s a great development. <3

I guess it could be more effective if added with some feature:

  • Suggest tags and categories for the topic (by looking at the title and description)
  • If a tag is created in the description, artificial intelligence can add an answer to this field: [sorucevap_ai=Are you from the world?] I am currently using this in my own project: Profil - SoruCevap_AI - Soru Cevap
  • And I would like to do this: we can add a button below the answers for the authorities, and the authority can press this button and ask the artificial intelligence to respond to the user. I’m doing this manually with the code above, but wouldn’t it be great with a plugin :slight_smile:

I’d like this too — but not sure how hard mapping to a site’s specific categories and existing tags would be without per-site specific training.


Actually quite easy, we have enough tokens there (4000 or so for GPT-4)

You would feed in top say, 500 tags into the prompt and all the categories. Then you would still have enough tokens for title and most post bodies (you can truncate at 4000 tokens)