Summarize This Topic button

I just came across the and saw that big topics have this summarize button. Is this a default feature or plugin (the reading time especially) like the way he has this? And exactly when is this available, what are the requirements?

Is there a guide for this feature/plugin?

It’s a default/core feature and a topic need to have at least 50 posts as far as I know. It shows most liked posts in a topic.


This is accurate but it’s a composite value, not just likes but replies, read time, bookmarks, etc


I figured there should be an algorithm, totally makes sense.

What took my interest is the read time, has there been thoughts of enabling this on a per-topic basis? It seems very convenient for users to actually see the read time of a certain topic. That way they can decide if they read now or read later - or even maybe get a reminder if they somehow can mark the post as “read later” for example. I’d be happy to post this in #feature if it’s non existent.


I found a setting “summary score threshold” with a description: “The minimum score required for a post to be included in ‘Summarize This Topic’”. Does anybody know how is this value counted? By default 15 is set.

Good day!

How do we enable the feature “Summarize This Topic” on all topics?

We are not seeing a “Summarize This Topic” button on some of our topics, even if the topic is very long and exceeds all of the the criteria below:


I don’t see any “Summarize this Topic” button either. Is it still a feature?

…then it shows a bunch of links, but no “Summarize this Topic” button.

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The button still exists, you can see it in this topic : Events Plugin 📆

If you changed some settings recently, you probably need to wait a few days. If you have a custom theme, it may hides this button, you can try to deactivate your theme and check if it appears

You can activate the summary locally on every topic, it may help to check what posts meet the criteria :


Cool, just add “?filter=summary” after a topic url.

Is there a sidekiq job I can kick so I don’t have to wait?

Edit- nevermind, I see it now:



Note that if you have disabled likes summarize won’t appear as it requires likes to function.

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Are there any plans to allow users to specify a timeframe for the topic summary? For example, an end user could possibly want to view the topic summary from the last month’s posts.

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No, but I think you can replicate that via advanced search, scoping your search to a particular topic, and a particular time frame.

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Here there. How did you get to that area? I can’t find an admin panel. Thanks

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It’s in /admin/site_settings/category/uncategorized

Or you can get to it in your Dashboard by clicking Settings at the top, scroll down to Other, then scroll down to summary score threshold.