Summarize This Topic button

I just came across the and saw that big topics have this summarize button. Is this a default feature or plugin (the reading time especially) like the way he has this? And exactly when is this available, what are the requirements?

Is there a guide for this feature/plugin?

It’s a default/core feature and a topic need to have at least 50 posts as far as I know. It shows most liked posts in a topic.


This is accurate but it’s a composite value, not just likes but replies, read time, bookmarks, etc


I figured there should be an algorithm, totally makes sense.

What took my interest is the read time, has there been thoughts of enabling this on a per-topic basis? It seems very convenient for users to actually see the read time of a certain topic. That way they can decide if they read now or read later - or even maybe get a reminder if they somehow can mark the post as “read later” for example. I’d be happy to post this in #feature if it’s non existent.