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Was searching high and low for this setting… Looks like it got reverted here.

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But that revert was reverted here.

Edit: Wait, that revert of the revert was reverted …inception…

Edit 2: OK, here’s what Robin said is going on:


I noticed in beta 10 the “new users” stat was replaced with “likes received” or “unread notifications”

Any way to change back to getting the “new users” stat in the summary email or is that gone for good?

Is it possible that there were no new users during the last week? The summary email avoids displaying zero whenever possible…

No it’s not. I noticed the change here with meta too, and was hoping there was a setting. But now I have the same when I updated to beta 10.

Well that’s all I’ve got - perhaps Neil can shed some light?

It was not replaced, we just avoid showing you zeroes, and numbers more relevant to you as a person/user are selected first. So if you don’t see a stat, it was probably zero. Plus likes received on your posts is way more about you than the number of new users.


We are just setting up Discourse for the first time; and are still in bootstrapping mode (sub 50; digest enabled).

One of my test users received the daily digest by email; but the new thread included in this digest was in the STAFF forum where this test user does not have any view rights.

To reproduce; that topic was the only new topic created on the site on that particular day; although as you can see below other topics were updated none were included in the digest.

The main thing that concerns me is that a ‘staff’ topic was sent to a non-staff user.

What exact version of Discourse? This was a bug with the new summary emails a while back as I recall.

p.s. be on latest

That is the simplest explanation. I’ve only been using Discourse a short time. That said, it’s currently running v1.7.0.beta10 +26 and I think that I updated Discourse (there were two back to back updates within a few hours) in advance of this notification, but I can’t confirm.

I’ll test it.

Indeed. Upon testing some more, it seems “unread notifications” and “likes received” is just prioritized over number of new users. If either notifications or likes is zero, it seems to show number of new members


I put “likes you received” at higher priority than number of users because it’s about you. People are liking your posts so why haven’t you been around? :crying_cat_face: It’s likely that it will be 0 so new users will show more often.

That was a bug fixed a while ago. Your screenshot shows that the topic is in a sub-category, so make sure that sub-category has the correct privileges. Maybe it’s the parent category that is restricted to staff.


Really happy to hear we’re getting more control over email colors. This is a big sticking point for our marketing team.


Would it be feasible to allow longer titles for popular topic, perhaps with a slightly smaller font and allowing to flow onto two lines? Take a look at the screenshot - I find that valuable info is lost with such short titles.

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Emoji in topic titles does not seem to work in the summary emails, it just gets left as the raw text like :slight_smile:

Unicode emojis do work, but are inconsistent between browsers/OSs. Same issue as here:

Anyone know where we can customise the colours etc please?


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Thanks again for adding the ability to customize this!

What do you think about moving these settings to the “Customize” tab where colors are previewed alongside the other basic color customizations for the site?