Support for AsciiDoc format to write posts

Is there anyway to allow write posts in AsciiDoc format?

AsciiDoc is lightweight markup language similiar to Markdown. We use AsciiDoc for writing and use Antora to render Documentation Site. Meantime, we are using Discourse as our community.

The community and the Documentation Site may share some common information/knowledge. There are needs to migrate some documentation contents to community.


Welcome, Stephen :slight_smile:

There is currently no way to write post in AsciiDoc format.
I believe it would require a plugin, and I suspect it would be hard to implement if it conflicts with the regular use of Markdown-it that Discourse uses. I’m not a developer though.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? I’m not sure I understand it.

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As long as it was implemented in islands, building a plugin to do so would not be too hard. I would estimate building it at a week of work more or less eg:


Antora integration and publishing would add a fair bit of complexity and may push this into multiple weeks of work.


Ooh. We use Antora too. This would be neat!

Yes. A plugin would be nice. Since our posts may need a lot of tables, which is Markdown not good at. Also, some posts may need to be translated to other language, after translation, the format is a mess.

Glad to know it is not hard to develop such a plugin. Could you help share some instuctions or a tutorial for developing it? Then I can ask our engineers to develop it.

Have you seen the svgbob component?