Surprising behavior: This image is too large to display; click here to view

I find this behavior surprising:

  1. I post a link to an image on it’s own line, like the one below from the article.
  2. It shows up in the preview fine
  3. I create the post
  4. It shows up fine in my post for a while.
  5. Later, it gets replaced with a thumbnail saying: “This image is too large to display; click here to view”

Onebox link:

Preview screenshot:

After post screenshot:

After image is replaced screenshot:


Looks like the problem isn’t happening here. Maybe it’s a site setting I need to adjust to work around this issue?

What’s the value of max image size kb?


Currently it’s 4MB (4096 KB). Looks like that image is 35 MB.

What have others set that to nowadays?

This is in @vinothkannans list of things to improve. The behavior is correct but the UI could use some work.


If there were anyway to make it clear this would happen in the preview, that would make it a lot less surprising.

Also, it wasn’t clear to me what “too large” meant, as there are site settings both for file size and for dimensions. I wasn’t sure which setting would need adjusting with the current language.


PR created. The new UI won’t create confusions.


The issue is that we’re doing some magic :sparkles: server-side to automatically downsize big images which we can’t really do client-side.

I agree. One setting is only used to create thumbnails, the other is to prevent mobile users from wasting their bandwidth downloading a gigabyte GIF.


Cool, thanks. What happens in the new UI?

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As you can see it will have some explanation.