Tag manager implemetion error

hello friends,

when i trying to add below code in body from customize section i get unexpected start token error . How can i solve this ? Thanks.

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You actually don’t need to do any of that.

If you want to integrate Google Tag Manager on your Discourse site, all you need to do is add the container ID to the gtm_container_id site setting.


Thank you so much. I also tried it but adwords says conversion tag is not active. Maybe there is another problem.

As a second solution i want to implement the conversion tracking code in direct a page so how can i add a code in mydomain.com//u/account-created page ?

the code which i want to implement

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Before we dig deeper into your issue, can you confirm that you’ve read and followed the steps detailed in this guide?


Let me check again. :+1:

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It looks like the source value is missing the closing quotation mark.


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