Tags: how can admin see who is following what tags?


(Brendan) #1

We use tags and are wondering how we can see which tags our members have chosen to follow (whether “watching”, “following”, etc.) specific tags?

We are looking to bulk delete some tags but first want to understand how many of our users are potentially following / care about each tag.

Thanks for your insight!


(Chris Beach) #2

A data explorer query will do it:

FROM tag_users tu 
    JOIN tags t ON tu.tag_id = t.id


Excellent @ChrisBeach ! :clap:
I added your query to the list.

A doubt here, I see that are four notification levels, can you tell me the levels?
I mean, watching = 1? or 2 level? Muted = 4?

(Neil Lalonde) #4

The notification levels are listed here: